Stone/Marble inter alia/Stucco


  • Condition Survey and comprehensive inspections
  • Graphic and photographic documentation (recording condition and treatment data)(see specific section on this website: Graphics)
  • Non – invasive and non – destructive diagnostic campaigns (see specific section on this website: Image analyses)
  • Conservation specifications and Treatment proposal
  • Treatment reports
  • Cleaning
  • Consolidation
  • Small structural repairs
  • Repairs to missing areas (with mortars and fillings)
  • Reintegration of losses, including casting and moulding missing elements

Clopton Chapel in the Holy Trinity Church – Stratford Upon Avon – Warwickshire – Details of the Clopton monument. Project undertaken as site manager and senior conservator for Odgers Conservation Consultants.
Conservation project: Odgers Conservation Consultants   Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti

Conservation treatments of Roman Stone Works (from Alba Fucens archeological site) for the exhibition ‘Effetto Alba Fucens. Rivive la piccola Roma d’Abruzzo’ (2002) – Lapidario Museum permanent collection – Avezzano (AQ) – Italy.
Conservation project: Claudia Fiocchetti   Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti

St Peter Facade-Vatican City – Conservation treatments of the travertine facade. Details of mortar repairs.
Senior conservator for the ‘Reverenda Fabbrica di S. Pietro’ – Vatican City and S.E.I.  Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti