Decorative Interiors


  • Condition Survey and comprehensive inspections
  • Non – invasive and non – destructive diagnostic campaigns (see specific section on this website: Image analyses)
  • Paint Analyses (Stratigraphic uncovering and Cross section of paint samples)
  • Conservation specifications and Treatment proposals
  • Treatment reports
  • Graphic and photographic documentation (recording condition and treatment data)
  • (see specific section on this website: Graphics)
  • Re-adhesion of the support layers
  • Consolidation of the support layers
  • Repairs of the support layers
  • Removal of inadequate repairs previously applied
  • Reintegration of missing elements of decoration, including remodeling and casting & moulding techniques
  • Removal of surface coatings including over-paint, inadequate retouching and discolored varnish
  • Surface cleaning
  • Consolidation of the paint layer
  • Re-adhesion of the paint layer
  • Filling of the paint layer losses
  • Reintegration of disruptive paint layer losses and abrasions
  • Application of protective/isolating and final varnishes


St Sepulchre Chapel in the undercroft of St Mary Magdalene Church – Paddington – London.
Conservation treatments of the decorative scheme of the vault, ribs, south wall tracery windows in the nave.
Conservation project: ACR Claudia Fiocchetti
Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti

Cafe’ Royal-Piccadilly-London – Conservation treatments of the marouflage paintings in the Pompadour suite: details.
Project undertaken as supervisor and site manager for Hare & Humphreys. Conservation project: Cathy Littlejohn.
Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti

Cardiff Castle (Wales) – Conservation treatments of the decorative ‘Burges Interiors’. Details in the Summer Smoking room.
Project undertaken for Paine and Stewart Ltd   Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti

Conservation treatments of 17th c. ceiling paintings in a private apartment in Rome.
Conservation project: Claudia Fiocchetti   Photo credit: Claudia Fiocchetti