Weeks 8 & 9 of the SC17

The last two weeks of this amazing course were dedicated still to module 8: Conservation treatment.

Week 8 started with David Odgers great lectures: Use and applications of lime and lime mortars; Mortar design; Mortar from lime binders; Mortar analysis – approaches and methods. The lectures were alternated by practical exercises on producing different kind of mortars; analysing different samples of mortar; building a small ashlar wall using different kinds of mortar, then applying on it a plaster layer to be paint in fresco technique.

Two interesting study cases on Stuccoes and grouting in Preah Ko and in Ed Dur were presented by Simon Warrack.

On the Wednesday we gave presentation of the Condition survey and treatment proposal of the project assigned the previous week. Then after each project was approved, under the supervision of Inah conservators, David Odgers and Simon Warrack we started conservation treatments on site; treatments that were carried out till the end of week 9. On the last day of the course we gave a presentation of the final report of the conservation treatments carried out.

Then sadly after 9 weeks we closed the course exchanging opinions, thoughts and feelings on what this course and this experience meant to us.

A celebration dinner followed, including emotional moments!

I am ending this post recommending warmly this course to anyone interested in Stone Conservation and thanking all the Iccrom and Inah staff for having made this experience absolutely great!

Finally, I would like to express once again my gratitude to the Anna Plowden Trust and the Tru Vue Glazing for their fundings, which have been very helpful for attending this course.

P.S.: this post will be soon updated with photos as at the moment (and for many more hours) I on the move, on my way back home!


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01   02

Sieving different aggregates – Mortar design lecture by David Odgers – SC17 – Chicanna’ – Campeche – Mexico

Practical exercises on building a small ashlar wall and applying on it a plaster layer, which was painted in fresco technique – Chicanna’ – Campeche – Mexico

Briefing from David Odgers, before starting practical conservation treatments  – Chicanna’ archeological site – Campeche – Mexico


Removing deposit from horizontal surfaces of Structure I panel 6 – Chicanna’ archeological site – Campeche – Mexico

06 0708 09

Team 6 during the pointing on Structure I panel 6 – Chicanna’ archeological site –  Campeche – Mexico



Micro-grouting on Structure I panel 6 – Chicanna’ archeological site – Campeche – Mexico

11 12

Detail of the top section of the central decorative panel before and after re-pointing – Structure I panel 6 – Chicanna’ archeological site –  Campeche – Mexico


13 14

Structure I Panel 6 before and after the partial conservation treatment carried out during the SC17 course – Chicanna’ archeological site –  Campeche – Mexico


Last day on site of SC17 course – Chicanna’ archeological site –  Campeche – Mexico


Final discussion before officially closing SC17 course – Chicanna’ – Campeche – Mexico

17 18

Everything is ready for celebrating the successful end of SC17 course – Chicanna’ ecovillage – Campeche – Mexico