Week 4 of the SC17

The fourth module of the fourth week of the Iccrom SC17 has been focusing on Conservation treatments and materials.

The week started with an interesting lecture by Francisco Javier Soria Lopez on Past and current treatments for stone built architecture heritage.

Then Simon Warrack, Alison Heritage and Yareli Jaidar gave comprehensive lectures on Previous treatments and Cleaning.

On Tuesday Alison Heritage lectured on Poultices and it was followed by poulticing exercises in the lab, using different kind of poultices on different stones and removing different salts. With Yareli Jaidar we carried out some cleaning tests with gels and micro-emulsions.

The last three days of the week were very intense and dedicated on brilliant lectures by George Wheeler Introduction to emergency stabilization, Inorganic consolidation methods and materials, Inorganic consolidation methods and materials Classroom, Inorganic consolidation methods and materials Practical
, Protective treatments Why and How
, Maintenance and monitoring.

With this fourth week the first phase of the Iccrom SC17 finishes. I am leaving Mexico City, with sadness as I have been very welcome, we had lot of fun and especially I met incredible warm and hospitable people. On the other hand I am excited to go to the Archeological site of Chicanna’ for the second phase of the curse.

I will try to keep up with the weekly update, if the signal and the connection allow so!

Hasta luego! See you soon!


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