Week 3 of the SC17

The third week of the Iccrom SC17 has been dedicated to Alteration and decay, which is the third module of the course.

Monday was spent in the National laboratory of Sciences for study and conservation of Cultural Heritage (LANCIC) – Institute of Physics, UNAM.

Javier Reyes gave a lecture on Lab and Physical properties. It was followed by Jose Luis Ruvalcaba with very important questions on How to characterize stone materials? What do you need to know? What is the purpose of the analysis? The other half of the day was spent in the lab where we were showed the main analyses are undertaken there [X-ray fluorescence, 
X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDS), Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), 
Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy (FORS), Raman spectroscopy, Ion beam analysis (PIXE)]


Tuesday Nora Perez gave an excellent overwiew on Weathering processes, followed by practical exercises in the lab.

In the afternoon took place an intense and exhaustive lecture, by Alison Heritage on Decay mechanisms.

On Wednesday another great lecture from Francisco Javier Soria Lopez on Mechanism of decay. It was followed by a very interesting lecture on Morphology of Stone Decay, by Simon Warrack.

Alison Heritage started on Thursday with an interesting lecture on Salts, moisture and porous building materials integrated with lab exercises.

Friday was dedicated to lectures on Biological Interaction with Heritage (Sandra Joyce Ramirez Munoz) and Biological treatments (Moises Adrian Rodriguez Ibarra)

Amazing stone work day on Saturday! Building arches (with Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca), learning principles on how to square a stone block (with Simon Warrack); using tools on different stones and appreciating the different marks left on them (with Juan Manuel Rocha Reyes); how to sculpt a stone block.


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2018 04 02_2036.jpg

The National laboratory of Sciences for study and conservation of Cultural Heritage (LANCIC) – Institute of Physics, UNAM

2018 04 05_2010.jpg 2018 04 05_2011.jpg

2018 04 05_2014.jpg 2018 04 05_2020.jpg

Identification of salts: field and lab tests.

2018 04 05_2022.jpg

Ph and various salt test kits used during the lab tests for identification of salts

2018 04 07_2118.jpg

Simon Warrack explaining the principles of how to square a stone block

2018 04 07_2152.jpg   2018 04 07_2153.jpg

Tool marks exrcise

2018 04 07_2169.jpg

Simulation of how to build an arch

2018 04 07_2166.jpg

Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca and my team at the end of the simulation exercise of how to build an arch