Week 2 of the SC17

The second week at the Iccrom SC17 started with an amazing day spent at Temple Mayor museum and archeological site.

Comprehensive lecture by the archeologist Leonardo Lopez Lujan ‘In search of Aztech Tenochtitlan. Recent archeological discoveries in Mexico City’.

Conservator Maria Barajas Rocha whose great lecture ‘Conservation restoration and exhibition of the Tlaltecuhtli. Monolith in the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan” was about the incredible discovery made in 2006 and the following conservation process till the exhibition of the monolith and its maintenance plan.

Bianca Moreno, vice director of Templo Mayor museum, showed us the labs and a practical example of moving objects in the museum.

Conservator Diana Medellin led an exhaustive and very informative visit at Templo Mayor archeological site.

On Tuesday we spent the day at the Coordinacion Nacional de Conservacion del Patrimonio Cultural attending a lecture by Valerie Magar on ‘Approaches to conservation – a historical view’, which was very rich and informative.

‘Conservation is new’? was the title of Simon Warrack lectures, which spun from very early cases of restoration/conservation intervention (e.g. Pompei) till the Mekong expedition era.

On the Wednesday we spent the day at Teotihuacan, another incredible archeological site, 40 km from Mexico City. Climbing the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. Gabriela Mora was our precious guide during the visit and she gave us a great explanation at Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Temple of the Feathered Serpent).

On Thursday for the module of Constructive System Simon Warrack presented as a lecture on ‘Architectural surfaces’ with interesting cases: from Assuan (Egypt), to Portland (UK), Persepolis (Iran), the 18th century France, Carrara (Italy), Carrara (Italy) and Cambodia. I appreciated very much the section re the various tools: quarry tools, lifting tools, stone working tools and soft stone working tools.

Alison Heritage gave an interesting lecture on Polychromy and its relation with stone supports, including imitative finishes and their aesthetic and functional roles. Highlighting cases were the Martyrdom doorway at Canterbury Cathedral, the sgraffito technique at St Agatha-Portsmouth (UK), Stonehenge (UK), Kempley church-Gloucestershire (UK) and a Buddhist temple in Myanmar.

Conservator Yareli Jaidar gave us an overview on pigments and binders.

It was followed by Valerie Magar’s lecture on Rock Art, very interesting and covering many worldwide sites.

Then half of the course attendants, including myself, gave a presentation on their activities, and it was interesting to see what all of us are involved in.

The last day of the week started with a lecture from Valerie Magar regarding ‘Change and its impact’ on fabric/structures and materials. Yareli Jaidar illustrated us the complex case study of Tula. Then it followed a practical exercise for us re this case study of Tula and in particular focusing on the use of replicas.

The week concluded with the other half of students giving great presentation of their work.


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Tlaltecuhtli-Templo Mayor Museum

IMG_8299.jpg        IMG_8300.jpg

Bianca Moreno leading a tour at the labs of Templo Mayor museum

IMG_8310.jpg IMG_8324.jpg IMG_8331.jpg

Iccrom SC17 group assisting a session of moving objects in the Templo Mayor museum


Conservator Diana Medellin and Iccrom SC17 students at the stone conservation lab at Templo Mayor


Offers at Templo Mayor archeological site


Stone skull temple – Templo Mayor archeological site


Templo Mayor archeological site


Detail of a snake – Templo Mayor archeological site


Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Temple of the Feathered Serpent) – Teotihuacan archeological site


Gabriela Mora illustrating the Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Temple of the Feathered Serpent) to the Iccrom SC17 students – Teotihuacan archeological site


A Quetzalcoatl detail at Temple of Quetzalcoatl (Temple of the Feathered Serpent) – Teotihuacan archeological site


Pyramid of the moon – Teotihuacan archeological site


Students of the Iccrom SC17 on the top pf the pyramid of the moon – Teotihuacan archeological site


Pyramid of the sun – Teotihuacan archeological site