Week 1 of the SC17

The first week of the 20th Iccrom Stone Conservation course is ended and it has been a very interesting and intense one!

Architects Francisco Javier Soria and Luis Fernando Guerrero gave us an exhaustive Introduction to Mexico and its historical heritage, from pre-hispanic period (2500 BC – 1520 AD) to the 20th century architecture and a lecture on The use of stone in heritage structures. It was followed by a visit to the centre of Mexico City.

Under the precious guidance of Dr. Laura Filloy Nadal we visited the National Museum of Anthropology
and its Conservation Lab.

Great lectures from Joseph King on Values in Conservation and on Management Systems. Learning a lot from the values field exercises focusing on Huitzilopochco and the former convent of Churubusco.

Intense and very interesting day at the university UNAM Ingenieria, Geology lectures by Ing. Alfredo Victoria and Ing. Mayumi Cabrera, followed by Lab session looking at stones and characterization.

Great study cases:

  • Conserving Living Cultural Heritage at Angkor by Simon Warrack;
  • Conservation and Restoration projects in indigenous communities of Mexico by Renata Schneider;
  • La Conchita church in Coyoacan (Mexico City), presented by Renata Schneider.


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The first 4 weeks of the 20th Iccrom Stone conservation course is taking place at the Coordination National de Conservation del Patrimonio Cultural

2018 03 19_1285.jpg

Participant in the Inah garden attending the cocktail following the official start of the SC17

2018 03 21_1137.jpg

Museo Nacional de Antropologia – Mexico City

2018 03 21_1268.jpg

Former convent of Churubusco – Coyoacan – Mexico City

2018 03 22_1398.jpg

Metropolitan Cathedral – Mexico City centre

2018 03 22_1399.jpg

Observing the remains of the old Cathedral – Mexico City centre

Marble 2.jpg

Marble under polirizing microscope

Marble 3.jpg

Marble optical properties with cross nicols